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What is Visualytic?

Data is everywhere and becoming more and more present throughout each aspect of business. We are consultants from Algorhythm, helping companies turning data into something valuable. Although this sounds simple, it is a slippery slope from data to insights and value.

Eagle catch the fish

Our job is to help the eagle catch the fish and try not to let him drown while doing it. The good thing about consulting is that the consultant himself also learns a great deal of stuff along the way. In this blog we want to share those exactly those things with you.

Maybe you are a business analyst struggling to find the right tool, or a data modeler stuck on vague requirements or a dataviz expert not finding the right visual, a data scientist trying to simplify a model to even a marketing manager trying to put data in the center of his strategy? If so, we hope we can offer you some guidance or give some handy tips and tricks to alleviate your tasks.

As you might have guessed, Visualytic combines Visualizations and Analytics. This means we will focus on the actual usage of data and not so much on storage (for example). However, we try to see the data usage as broad as possible and covering all the relevant topics going from data literacy, organizational changes to dashboard design and embedded analytics.

Hundreds of tools exist to analyze and visualize your data. Visualytic will be a blog on data analytics and visualization, which might be enabled by different technologies.

So there you go, thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon on! Be sure also to read our “about” page for more information on us!