About Us

Who are we?

We are data enthusiasts from Algorhythm, a Belgian data consulting company. All of us have years of experience in boosting business performance by using data. We go about data from the user’s point of view, focusing on data visualization and analytics.

Since 2007, Algorhythm has been on a mission to help businesses make better, more efficient decisions. Our goal is to help companies to use their data to its full potential, enabling data to boost business. In order to do this we guide our customers through the complete data journey, from architecture to the actual use of data.


I’ve always been triggered by data and after my internship I was sure that I wanted to grow in the world of BI and visualizations. A visualization can tell you more than a 1000 words, that’s also the reason why we use so many emoticons in our messages. To make sure that it’s clear what we are trying to say, to make it visible how we feel. Also, visualizations can give you some quick impressions, for example by highlighting items with colors.

Currently, I have the most experience with TIBCO Spotfire, however, I am trying to expand my region by learning multiple BI Tools, each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. It would be nice to end up with a tool that contains the best of all tools. My added value for the Visualytic blog is trying to give you some extra tips and tricks based upon my experience and the items where I got stuck or lost a lot of time.


He has a profound expertise in Business Intelligence, notably in improving and innovating business processes. He has had hands on experience on all aspects of business intelligence, which includes analyzing the business needs to express the requirements, design the data modeling and the semantic layer, work on the data quality, and finally create report & dashboards together with the business. For the Visualytic blog, I will share some insights on the best practices and guidelines based upon my experience with the different BI tools.


When I started my career in logistics and supply chain, my interest in the world of data and data analytics grew very
fast. It took only a short year until I grew to a position of data analist in the company. From then on I wanted to deep diver into the world of data and visualization. In the last few years I added a comprehensive set of BI skills
to my toolset. Currently, as a BI consultant I enable companies to analyze, visualize and explore
their data to help spot and solve problems, improve their businesses, and make sure the world keeps spinning!


I’ve been working as an analyst and data visualization developer for several years. I love to create visualizations that are beautiful, coherent, but especially useful and understandable. That’s why I have developed great interest in data visualization principles. The first years I was working with Oracle BI as visualization tools and now I’m learning Tableau. Beside visualizations I love to dive in to data and search for new insights.


I’ve always been fascinated by people’s ability to visually tell stories and generate insights by combining data with stylish graphics. Fortunately, I’ve been able to develop my skills in this domain by creating data visualizations for my colleagues and customers. At the same time, I’ve been building my skills across the entire business intelligence domain and using data to improve the way businesses work.

In short: I love data visualization and making people’s lives easier through my work.


Introduced to the world of BI during my academic career path, I was intrigued with the process of analyzing the business needs and answering them using their own data. Being a visual person, answering business needs visually came handy and the choice to go in the direction of Data Visualization was quickly made. Since my career start in BI, I am specialized in building dashboards mostly in Tableau, but also have some background in Tibco Spotfire. Through the Visualitic I would like to give back to the world and share my experience in overcoming the challenges I have faced when developing Tableau/Spotfire dashboards.

What do we do?

Data is everywhere and becoming more and more present throughout each aspect of business. We are consultants from Algorhythm, helping companies turning data into something valuable. Although this sounds simple, it is a slippery slope from data to insights and value. In this blog we want to share our experiences in this area.

Maybe you are a business analyst struggling to find the right tool, or a data modeler stuck on vague requirements or a dataviz expert not finding the right visual, a data scientist trying to simplify a model to even a marketing manager trying to put data in the center of his strategy? If so, we hope we can offer you some guidance or give some handy tips and tricks to alleviate your tasks.

As you might have guessed, Visualytic combines Visualizations and Analytics. This means we will focus on the actual usage of data and not so much on storage (for example). However, we try to see the data usage as broad as possible and covering all the relevant topics going from data literacy, organizational changes to dashboard design and embedded analytics.

Hundreds of tools exist to analyze and visualize your data. With our blog posts, we try to give some insights from our experience in best practices, use cases, ‘how to’ topics, provide answers to questions and so many more.

We hope you will enjoy our blog 🙂 If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!