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TIBCO Spotfire Bookmarks


A bookmark is a TIBCO Spotfire feature used to store the state of an analysis as a snapshot. For example, add a bookmark to your analysis would allow you to return to a state where you found something interesting when you marked or filtered out certain items.

A bookmark can be applied at any time, allowing you to quickly return to a previously created view of the data. You can also share your insights with others by making your bookmarks available to other users, or by sending links to the bookmarks.

By default, a bookmark saves the state of the following items:

  • Page Layout and Visualizations – captures the layout and the setup of the visualizations on the active page. This includes all specified visualization properties. For example, selections on the axes of a visualization, coloring, formatting, and which visualization features are shown or hidden
  • Active Page – captures which page is active when the bookmark is captured
  • Active Visualization – captures which visualization is active when the bookmark is captured
  • Filter Settings – captures the filtering and filter types used in the analysis
  • Filter Organization – captures the layout of the filters panel (sort order, filter groups, hidden filters)
  • Markings – captures which items are marked in the visualizations in the bookmark. Note that the active marking for a visualization is included in the Page Layout and Visualizations bookmark part
  • Properties – captures any editable document, data table, and column properties used on the active page, as well as any property values referred to in a property control

Note: the “Add Bookmark Special” dialog allows you to select only the bookmark settings which should be included in the bookmark.

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